Meet Super Infinity X. The Gaming Guild of the Future.

Most gaming guilds focus on gaming as a hobby sport. People get together and play games and discuss the progress of their games – while all this is fine and dandy, wouldn’t it be better if they could make some money as well on the go?

Well, that’s what GameFi is all about – Game Finance is the new trend in town and it combines crypto, blockchain and NFTs all together to create a Metaverse-like economy which allows players to make money by playing games!

What can you do with the Super Infinity X token?

Earn + Play

Players and Managers can stake their SIX tokens to secure slots with Super Infinity X's teams! This is in turn subjected to 4 tiers of access - the more tokens they stake in the pool, the higher the profit-sharing they are entitled to!

Testing Rights

GameFi Project Early Access Staking the SIX token will also allow users to secure allocation for new projects!

Platform Rewards

Users can stake SIX tokens in a special pool to enjoy a share of the platform's earnings. All platform's earnings are denoted by SIX tokens, but these SIX tokens are bought back from the market using the currencies which the platform earns from the games it plays!


2022 Q1:

Launch of 3 separate staking pools for the 3 different utilities of the SIX token

2022 Q2:

Staking Pool Launch Manager Leaderboard Club Leaderboard

2022 Q3:

Tester Initiative Launch Partnership initiatives with other guilds

Games We Work With

Lost Relics

My Crypto Heros

My Defipet



Age of Rust

Ember Sword

Axie Infinity



League of Kingdoms



Mir 4

Super Infinity X – the guild where everyone can live their dreams by playing games.

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